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Small Paper Clouds is more than the home of award-winning poet, author, and teacher, Christopher Locke.

It’s where parents who are artists come to reignite their creative fire, learn new ways to share their creative life with their children, and build community.

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Poethood/Fatherhood: F. Douglas Brown

This poem initially started out to be the first poem for Simone, my youngest, but when the deeper poem started in on me, I realized it was about both daughters. My middle child, Olivia is preparing to explore what college she wants to attend. Like most parents, I am a...

Poethood/Fatherhood: Gary Fincke

Handing the Self Back I’ve been writing for over forty years now, a span that makes it possible to reread some old poems from the reality side of a once imagined future. Written in 1981, this early  poem printed here is an example. There’s more than nostalgia for...

Creative Cooking With Kids: Panko

Texture. Almost all parents know how crucial it is to their kids’ food; it can mean the difference between a plate deftly cleaned versus the twins eliciting your dog’s superpower as tongue-dripping Roomba. Maybe your kids already feed the pet on the regular. In that...

Re: Vision: BALANCE

Do you cheat? Be honest: when you’re here, are you thinking about there? When you tell your beloved you’re all-in, do you longingly glance back over your shoulder? Shouldn’t one be enough to satisfy? Emphatically, I say no. And before we get too deep, for those hoping...

Poethood/Fatherhood: Gibson Fay-Leblanc

Altered I finished my graduate coursework in creative writing in the spring of 2005; my eldest son was born that summer; I handed in my thesis, a collection of poems, that fall, while staying at home with the baby and teaching one university class. This is to say that...

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