What’s in a word? I guess that depends on who you’re asking. And according to my good bud Mr. Merriam-Webster, ‘Ekphrasis’, (from the Greek), means ‘a literary description of or commentary on a visual work of art’. In other words, writing directly inspired by visual art. And that’s what we’re doing here. Every month, I’ll post one of my travel photos from some far flung location, and ask for you all to write a poem based on that photo. The poem itself doesn’t have to relate specifically to where the photo was actually taken. Give yourself permission to craft whatever moves you. All I ask is that you keep the poem under 20 lines, either formal or free verse, and submit it through the website. From all that I receive, I’ll publish those poems I find most striking, daring, and/or original. Plus, I’ll pick an ultimate super-super grand prize winner for that month who will receive a free autographed book of mine and be featured as the EKPHRASTIC CHALLENGE WINNER OF THE MONTH. Whattaya got to lose? Fire up them keyboards and send me your best efforts! I can’t wait to read your work, and hopefully feature you here at SMALL PAPER CLOUDS! This month’s photo was taken in Olympic Park in Montreal. Have at it.