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Small Paper Clouds is more than the home of award-winning poet, author, and teacher, Christopher Locke.

It’s where parents who are artists come to reignite their creative fire, learn new ways to share their creative life with their children, and build community.

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Creative Cooking With Kids: Panko

Texture. Almost all parents know how crucial it is to their kids’ food; it can mean the difference between a plate deftly cleaned versus the twins eliciting your dog’s superpower as tongue-dripping Roomba. Maybe your kids already feed the pet on the regular. In that...

Poethood/Fatherhood: Matt W Miller

POESIS These helpless crying laughing smiling terrified falling toppling reaching drooling chewing things these creatures these babies these children of you and not you and they need you and look for you and seek for you count on you and all the seconds of your day...

Poethood/Fatherhood: Adam Hughes

Ten years ago today (as I write these words) my daughter entered the world. She was my first child, and she remains my only one. From the very beginning my mode for wrestling with my hopes, fears, and struggles with fatherhood were best expressed in poetry. Parenthood...

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