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Small Paper Clouds is more than the home of award-winning poet, author, and teacher, Christopher Locke.

It’s where parents who are artists come to reignite their creative fire, learn new ways to share their creative life with their children, and build community.

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Poethood/Fatherhood: Gary Metras

POETRY NEEDS MOONLIGHT        From the youngest age my son was a climber. Out of his crib and smacking onto the hardwood floor, which caused us to install carpeting in his room. The backyard playset, where he made it to the very top and...

Poethood/Fatherhood: David Kirby

My two sons aren’t in my poems so much as they are behind them. Sure, I’ve written about them, but I was always nervous about seeming to say, look what a good dad I am. Mostly, my boys worked their way into the poems the way anybody else does, through some little...


My essay on life, love, letters, and Donald Hall has just appeared in POETS & WRITERS.

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